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Yevgenia Davidoff

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Working with discarded building materials from demolition sites, I am fascinated primarily by what most people consider to be dated and obsolete remnants. I have been driven by a desire to preserve an element of the architectural past defined by a pursuit of remembrance and transcendence.
The window by its very nature is a frame of existence and reality. Perceptively, a frame is also one moment in time like a still in a filmstrip. I freeze, within the ?confines? of the window, imaginary ?memories?, selective images, textures, shapes, and objects to introduce a sense of moment, time, emotion and existence.
My structures are similar to patterns of kaleidoscopes with crystals of fragmented ideas growing over like a winter frosting. My exploration of the windows is a process of crumbling, skewing and rebuilding a new reality. The windows, undergoing transformation, become prisms through which viewers can look out into the world with each person experiencing their independent visions.