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Agnieszka M Golasik

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I make monotypes, graphite and charcoal drawings, and acrylic paintings. I also photograph and dream of doing ceramics. I am attracted by extreme scale and form changes. I am interested in the transformation of micro objects to macro images and macro objects to micro images. I worship playing with abstract forms hidden within other shapes and experimenting with layers of colors.

My art is my lover, my life, my purpose. The inspiration for my projects comes from different sources. I am fascinated by the infinitive number of forms of life. I like to observe nature. Often something as simple as single tulip flower or a leaf targets my mind and transforms to new visual idea. I am captivated by the universe and its secrets. Images of micro worlds hidden to human eyes which revolve ?the unseen? thru lenses of telescopes or microscopes convert in my mind to original ideas and show me unlimited possibilities of creations. I am mesmerized by ?the untraceable?. I believe in unbelievable.