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GREGORY L. INGRAM aka gli 167

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As an artist, I am interested in working in various
medium and methods. I believe the are materials and techniques that can express mood in the commercial and
fine arts field is a philosophy. The aid is to assist my purpose in life
1.) Humanity efforts-volunteer work and supported jobs
2.) Literature-fiction,non-fiction and poetry.
3.) Commercial and fine arts
These efforts produce an emphasis based on artistic practice and aesthetic theory.These studies is the discipline
to further my goals in life. This philosophy has inspired my creativity
Over 25th years I have been a graffiti artist. For 20th
Years I have been working at Gallery Henoch.
As an artist I want to tell you what I would do:
1.) To work on a retrospective of my work and continue my new works.
Donate 1/4 to educate youths and adults on the importance
of the arts.
2.)Visit various corporate and political parties about the
importance of support the arts.
3.)Ask for support from all private and public.