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Erez Safar

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Erez Safar a.k.a. Diwon (formerly dj handler) is the founder and director of Shemspeed (largest, most diverse Jewish music site), Modular Mood Records (an independent record label), Hip Hop Sulha, and The Sephardic Music Festival. Erez's musical persona, Diwon, defies musical stereotypes. Dressed in traditional garb and armed with a beat machine, and sounds of the semitic underground, Diwon is taking Yemenite culture to the masses. As a multicultural maestro, he produces a mix of Yemenite and Sephardic music blended with electro hip hop beats. Influenced heavily by his family that migrated from Yemen to Ethiopia and finally settled in Israel, his music reflects the multicultural tapestry that is Israel. His live set brings together textural fusions of live and recorded sound and often are accompanied by singers from various backgrounds. Diwon's music, style, and presence get famous US clubs to resemble the craziest festivals abroad.

Erez has performed with Lou Reed, Anthony Coleman, DJ Spooky, Matisyahu, Steinski, Idan Raichel, and countless others. London Radio's 104.4 FM called him, "one of New York's hottest Jewish musicians;" URB MAGAZINE listed him amongst their NEXT 1000, The Village Voice stated that his work "as producer and DJ is among the most adventurous and banging on the new Jewish music scene;" the Jerusalem Post dubbed him, "Jewish music's multimedia mogul;" Forward listed him as one of the Top 50 "most influential Jews of 2007;" The Jewish Week listed him amongst their "36 under 36", and Heeb Magazine listed him in their "Heeb Hundred." Erez resides and maintains his many companies, within the auditory heart of Brooklyn.