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Bettina C Hutschek

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Formally speaking, my artistic work generates various forms: essay films, book works or performances. All work is based on the work with language, text forms and narrative practices. Regarding the content, I always try to create ?transitory spaces? ? these transits are situated between different layers of fiction and reality or between the roles inside and outside the art field. Starting from a close observation of ?reality?s? fragments, I invent a narrative fiction that I superpose over the first. This method of juxtaposing fiction and reality and intertwining them through narration produces hybrid effects: these transits procreate mental spaces, mythological narrations (considering ?myth? a basic form of human interpretation of reality, unlike scientific explanations assigning a final purpose to the object of observation), ?world explanations?, often-poetical narrations, which subtly question the politics of images or situations, offering metaphors about contemporaneous phenomena.