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Ms. Crystal S. Brown

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For many years now I've worked as an aspiring artist here at home in Brooklyn. My focus has covered performance art, fashion, literture, and the creative and/or fine art(s) over the course of time: The most recent addition to my art repertoire is Web Development, and Design.

The Study of Art in various mediums is a very enlightening experience which has given me an opportunity to meet, and collaborate with successful art professionals of various genres.

The "2008" Atlantic Antic Festival presented another opportunity to share my drawings, and paintings with you along with the E-Book that I've written and created on DVD titled, "The Estate (From The Inside Out)."

"The Estate..." is a non-fiction expose which tells of the community dynamics at the grass-roots that lead up to unlawful predatory lending practices, i.e., unlawful foreclosures, and unlawful eviction practices within the community-that in some instances continue until this day. I, my neighbors, and the community at large have been adversely impacted as a result of these unlawful practices which are far to varied, complex, and aggiieguous to sum up lightly in a paragraph or two.

The final copy of, "The Special Edition Preview of The Estate (From The Inside Out)," on DVD Drawing previously scheduled to be held February, 2009, is re-scheduled. The new date will be posted on, "," check back frequently for status up-date.

The CCRA-USA 2010, Autum Fund Raiser, and Drawing will be held this fall during the Brooklyn Literary Fair (Brooklyn Book Festival). Further details will be announced (Thank you for your patience in this matter).

In closing I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took a moment to view my artistic creations, and to impart a few words of wisdom, and encouragement, either at the Festival, or visiting the web-site and posting your comments. You may now visit my Art Gallery. Copy and paste the following URL into your web browser:

Thank you

________________________________________________________________Up-date posted on: 02/19/2014:

The new URL for my website is, ""

My e-book, "The Estate (from The Inside Out) is now available online. Visit The Art Cove Org, to obtain your copy.

My website is in the final stages of development, however, my e-cards (Crystal's Designer E-Greetings) are online at "," and a few items are now available for your convenience: So if you've been to busy to shop and send a birthday or valentine greeting, it.s not to late: visit, "," to select and send your e-card today.

Art Abounds!

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