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Stephanie Disla

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Ella is a lifelong series of the self portraits , memories and universal beings that speak often via eyes or song....Via Ella .... one may notice signs of the dance of life, migration,city blues, sequence,cyphers,joy,sorrow,independence,mystical myths,stillness,meditation, & mantras. Ink Watercolor oil tempera canvas homemade paper - clay look out for Isla Fractal clay works ....clay works that hang wile u be....... listening to Fractalz form - Stef Eye has featured art at El Taller Latino Americano, Mauri Creative Gallery,Avant Yarde 'Thought forms', Slingshot - sydne Oz, M shop - rico vrs stefatronics courtesy of, The Essence, Bluestoscking Bookstore, Air Gallery Courtesy of,The Tunnel,Knitting Factory,Bronx Museum of art and Rocket World. a SOHNUP.COM / Sphryn Follicle COLLAB