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Sean Edward Lewis

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Sean Lewis is a writer, actor and founder of the lilac co and st john's theatre. This ensemble company has created and shown five new works in Greenpoint, Brooklyn since March 2007 (Just Another Cowboy Lost in Steinland; Bazaar Godard; Death Series Wun : Sexton Says Sum; Confessions of Zorro and Diamond; Baldwin Soup Kitchen). Mr. Lewis is a frequent collaborator with the Dome Theatre and Forrest Gillespie in residency at Zebulon Cafe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Recent collaborations : The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde; Assassins Hours; Woman in the Mirror; The Interpreter; Death Pollution in the USA. Mr. Lewis played [man] in ?Shut Your Eyes? an independent film by Nikolai Galen, premiering at the International Istanbul Film Festival 2009. He has curated selections of new work at Hanger 1018 in Los Angeles and at The Eagle Theater. He has toured with Enrique Pardo and Pantheatre, Paris to Mexico City, Milan, and the South of France.
He plays Oden in "Tuesday's Bluff" a new independent film by Dylan Latimer and Jessie Karch to be released in late 2009. Mr. Lewis went to Calarts and grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

lilac co and st johns theatre perform original ensemble plays, in which it seeks to abandon itself to the unknown. The ensemble uses ready made materials, found space, observed gesture and formal manipulation in order to construct zones of autonomy where everyday perceptions and expectations are suspended and shifted. The ensemble also loves to cook and feed its audiences.

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