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Laurie J Lea

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I was born and raised in the South and spent the first part of my art life exploring a single human form. This form gradually evolved into simple geometric forms representing the human condition. As an artist I consider myself a sculptor who also does 2 dimensional "poured works". The year I moved to Brooklyn, New York, someone gave me a piece of neon which I "plopped" on a sculpture and which, to my amazement, worked as a total form. That action led to the dynamic which forms the basis of my current work: the relationship between light and form. This interaction of light and form gives me a way of examining human experience in the spiritual (invisible, intangible) dimension and physical dimension of observable phenomena. Two ongoing bodies of sculptural work are: the Sacred Light series consisting of broken and translucent materials such as glass, which cover but do not obscure light: brokenness and light become a metaphor for redemption. In the City on a Hill series, a neon light infuses glass forms with interior voids, transforming them into sacred spaces. (cont. below)

In my 2 dimensional work I use a wide variety of materials chosen primarily for texture and light conducive properties. My methods involve the use of chemical processes, gravity and temperature, and result in forms and surfaces suggesting states of violence, fragility, fragmentation, and redemption. A sensuous experience of materials is counterbalanced by a sense of luminosity and space.