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nelson andres rivas

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?Cekis? or Nelson Rivas is a self-taught painter, born in Santiago, Chile in 1976. His beginnings as a visual artist originated from a heavily marked political situation in the streets of Santiago and the decade of the 80?s. As a child, having had the opportunity to paint a Mural for a protest and later participating in murals during High-School helped create the confidence for him to begin his painting career. These beginnings are directly related to an old Muralist tradition that existed in Latin America and to the beginning of a new post-dictatorship graffiti art scene. Murals in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Valparaiso, Sevilla, Zurich and Hamburg can account for some of his works, but it is not untill he establishes himself in NY in 2004, when his work begins to transform in concept, size and medium. Nelson has had exhibits at The Rotunda gallery, Ad hoc Art and The Aurora gallery in New York, and has participated in Mural projects in Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx and lately in the city of Baltimore.