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YK Hong

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YK Hong is U.S.-born, Korean raised. Her work draws from her multi-cultural and trans-global background to incorporate themes of liberation, oppression, mindfulness and community accountability.
Using traditional Korean artistic techniques paired with experimental methods, she works in multiple mediums, including wood and leather, combining the inherent organic grit of the material with often jarring human-made elements, in a juxtaposition of the image of the Asian as perennial foreigner embodying hybrid and paradoxical impressions of ancient tradition beside cutting edge futurism.

Her pieces portray the possibility of revolution and change in everyday struggle. She frequently incorporates elements from her affinity for graphic and textual design into her work to communicate messages that are politically provocative, reflect mindfulness, cross-culturalism and multiple identities.
She has exhibited in galleries around the country and internationally. Her TEDx talk addressing creative space can be found at

In addition to being a visual artist, she gives trainings around the country on anti-oppression, which is reflected in several themes throughout her art.