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Paulius Nosokas

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I believe that finite moments of contact?even a single, well-considered gesture?can generate an infinite number of visually compelling forms. Hence, you'll see that, no matter what medium in which I am working, there is usually a very simple gesture or design structure at its core. Sometimes I multiply that gesture until I feel it reaches a sense of critical mass, a 'tipping point' (as in my computer-aided paintings like the 10-Second Experiments and Random >< Motion animations). Sometimes I isolate the gesture and present it in aggregate (as in my Exercises and other videos); sometimes I freeze the gesture and present it in series (my photographic documents of Light + Time = Form); and sometimes, behind the scenes, I fuse my limited-time contact with materials and surface into a poetic whole (as in my minimalist paintings in acrylic on plywood). No matter the approach or medium, my process or materials, however, you'll notice that what I'm after is a gentle irreducibility; a place where a work of art is no more than what it seems to be?and yet, is more than the sum of its parts.

Light + Time = Form (video)

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