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Ellen Sayers

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I am inspired by nature as a starting place that is combined with the aesthetics of non-western rituals and traditions. My installations are created from simple materials and can evoke meditation, fear or amusement. I prefer to work in over-sized installations to engage the viewer by creating questions as superficial expectations are challenged.

My forms provoke ideas of fluid movement that extend into the physical realm of the audience, as if extending a hand and imploring one to dance. The forms and lines are seemingly frozen at a moment before continuing. By engaging the viewer I want them to question the materials and form. I want them to awaken from the mundane by the mundane. What they see upon their revival can vary: perhaps an alternate reality, perhaps a metaphor, perhaps an inner reality. No longer can the viewer linger in nonchalant complacency. One must dream, or have their status questioned, or reassess their surroundings.