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Pia Coronel

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The foundation of my work is based on displacement and the obscure means by which we search for the “original place” from whence we came. An estrangement from its deepest understanding of aloneness -- separation from our center that once was intact, but now is thrown off into a vague understanding of the loss which we plod along to find and even sometimes urgently, desperately hurl ourselves into situations looking for traces of it.

In my work I experiment with the idea of patterns and routine as formulas in our daily lives by which, I believe, we create predictable and pedantic structures as we know them to create order. In my photographic process I examine life as theater, where there is a playwright (the structure) and the performer (the self) who are both acted by myself. I use natural materials such as found wood to represent our connection with nature and how these similarities shake-up the way we view our position and understanding of our existence. I create foregrounds and backgrounds in my work as a metaphor for the illusion of absolutes in life, and the gaps, and distortions in my compositions refer to the struggle between seeing things as they are and the mind’s tendency to imagine something definite and solid.