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Brian H Buck

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My work as an artist has evolved with the times as they present themselves to me. What makes art work or work art? When does visualization transform work into a piece of art? Over the years I have extended into converging dance and movement with video. My convergence of technology and movement is to investigate humanity in new light. Abstract in aesthetic, the ideas and concepts behind my work lie in discovering unseen truths. Technological tools have created methods to present artistic visions in new and fantastic ways. Modern Dance has developed physicality?s that present a wealth of inherent knowledge to our knowing bodies. The blend between technological innovations and gesture of the body has opened new dimensions into artistic visions creating a broad array of new pallets for artists such as myself. Bridging the gap between technology and humanity is a challenging macrocosm that extends one into the evolutionary changes of the world and how perception moves relative to the individual vantage within the world. My vision is one that strives to make sense of the world we live in by generating a visual hypothesis for people to witness and discover ways to see the world in their own way from their own aesthetic. By framing the human body in motion through the lens of the camera, and various technological tools my aim is to create works of art but I leave that for the audience to decide for themselves.

I have explored the use of the Internet as a performance venue as an attempt to discover how we might be able to collaborate not just locally, but across the globe. Today as more people rely on the Internet for information and entertainment, I find myself searching for meaning in artistic endeavors through the use of New Media. Utilizing digital video as the main venue for my vision, I examine movement by creating alternative viewpoints and alternative environments in which to view dance, from above, below, zooming in on small gestures, utilizing alternative environments other than the stage. Utilizing the lens of the camera to capture very specific gestures with both broad and specific backdrops that differ from the traditional proscenium I hope to expose natural concepts of identity in relation to the world. I believe new technologies provide the perfect vehicle by offering mobility for the artist and audience alike. For dance/movement to reach larger audiences to enable viewers to see from new perspectives, listen with new eyes technology opens this proverbial window. Dance as an art form must keep up with the times in order to reach broader audiences and epitomize the times. It is my goal to explore ideas and concepts presented to me through movement and extrapolate meaning through the lens layering universal metaphorical, and simile, images to convey an aesthetically abstract collage of the world. Thus, creating visual parallels to the human existence by inventing ways in which to look at dance in new light.