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Kristi Kent

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My approach as an artist is grounded in a process that utilizes found images from disparate sources as a medium for construction. I have employed this methodology in numerous forms across a variety of media from electrical tape to kinetic sculpture.

My current artworks are large-scale charcoal drawings on paper that transform the built environment into an imagined world. I am inspired by the industrial and architectural forms I encounter daily in the surrounding urban landscape, especially the structures left derelict as technology and culture have progressed. In the studio, I combine these forms to depict isolated, discrete events in the life of an anthropomorphized machine.

Materiality is important to the content of the work. My handling of the material gives the appearance of collage - extremely dense in places, lightly drawn or cobalt blue in others. Exploiting a limited palette, charcoal is layered into intense velvet black set against the stark-white untouched paper. Hard-edge heavy ink delineates other areas. This compartmentalized treatment of forms within the drawing emphasizes its nature as a constructed object and asserts the interwoven story between humans and the technologies we manufacture.