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Karl J Metz

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I am an Architect by day and a Painter by night. I use painting to ?chew on my life? in an esoteric language that sometimes I do not understand.

My paintings are as much a geologic occurrence as they are an artistic expression. I let the paint move the way its wants to move. In that respect, I am only curator influencing the paint to move, it is the star that makes the colors happen. I use classical names in order to co-opt our cultural inheritance and to give the paintings a timeless almost prescient quality that transcends our consumer society. These are myths that are still alive in our collective subconsciousness for one reason or another and I use painting to explore what these stories/myths mean to me. As I paint I think about what has happened to me, what may happen in the future, and what could have been if I had done a few things differently. The finished piece is my attempt to put these waking and hidden thoughts into the metanarrative we assign culture to explain.