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Katerina Usvitsky

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I am a fiber artist. I use thread and yarn as three-dimensional image-making tools. Embroidery and knitting are timeless forms of human expression that have a hidden history. Seen as mere women?s work, and solely utilitarian, they were not welcomed into the gallery world. My work seeks to build on these notions of femininity, family and tradition, while introducing fiber arts into the contemporary art realm.

I feel empowered to use art-making techniques taught to me by my grandmother, and through disciplines I learned in art school, transform them and create something new. For one, I enjoy using a once-silent, ?women?s art form? to create dynamic portraits of women in my life who inspire me. The slow meditative process and repetitive motion of the art form feel natural and organic and I see it almost as a form of resistance against the pace of contemporary life.