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Rodney Fitzgerald Hughes

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A graduate of Pratt Institute School of Art and Design; I have 20 years of product development experience. I became interested in aromatherapy through years of traveling oversea and having developed a non-tolerance for recycled air on planes and in hotels.

This led me to experimentation with essential oils; EO of lemon and rosemary quickly became my travel companions. They helped to revive me and warded off the early signs of cold and flu during my travels. Now, I highly recommend these oils along with geranium, eucalyptus, lavender and sandalwood. They are in my opinion, an essential part of a globe trotter?s survival kit.

Essential oils have become an integral part of my life. I started to make personal blends for my clients as an added benefit to the Reiki attunements they had received through me.

I have a friend who said to me out of the blue one day, why don't you start a line.
I am about to open a boutique and would like to carry your blends. So I said, ok, why not, I can do this. Then I went about buying every book I could possibly find on the subject of aromatherapy and I read. In six months time I had a complete line ready for market.

Then just to see if what I had created was on the mark, I began pursuing formal studies in aromatherapy. I learned that I was ahead of the curve, but it enhanced my knowledge and allowed me to expand upon what I had created.

Since then the Therapeutate line has expanded to include not just the complex blends we started with, but a full line of natural perfumes and remedies. This is just the beginning of a never ending journey into the world of perfumery and the natural healing properties of plant botanicals.

My fascination with the benefits of aromatherapy has leaded me to explore the art of natural perfumery more deeply, so I continue to study both formally and individually. The formulas just keep coming; it's pretty much like being a painter, the abstractions and landscapes keeps expanding. They become more colorful and full of nuance with each idea from inception to the final fragrance.

This journey with essential oils and natural perfumes has spoiled me. Having been educated on the difference between a chemically manufacturer fragrance and that made in nature, my perspective has completely changed. I can sincerely tell you there is no substitute for the bounty nature has to offer and once your noses gets wind of it, you will never again be able to settle for anything less.