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Daria Rachel fain

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As a choreographer, I work with movement as a means to reveal and
orchestrate layers of experience. I develop my choreographic language in order to expand these layers and challenge the audience to "experience" a dance rather then "see" it. I think of my work as a
"Space Of All Possibilities;" a totipotent space constantly differentiating and resorbing novel forms and functions. The procedure for creating a piece defies classification as "improvised" or "set" material. It is instead based on the correlation of movement and language. To carry out my works, I have developed (along with Robert Kocik) an area of research called The Prosodic Body. This research explores the ways in which we listen within and without, how words form the body, how where we are dictates what we say, how what we say determines our experience of where we are, etc. This work recovers and uncovers language at its origin and uses language at its most sophisticated extremes, believing that fullest expression of language is being at its fullest.