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Carolyn A Salas

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Exploring paradoxical current affairs and our tendency to feel
powerless to confront the crises of our existing surroundings, I use a
wide array of materials including, found objects, craft oriented
assemblages, fabric and recycled items to create sculptural platforms
where material and concept meet to transform space and the way we view it.
The work speaks to interactions between human civilizations, hierarchical
powers of societal success, relationships, and nature with an emotional
resonance that takes the works beyond any one of these single issues
and into a universal realm. In a culture obsessed with mass
production and disposability my work is a conduit of my opposition to
this standard. With laborious craft and a handmade touch,
the imperfections and human attributes of burdens, failures and
achievements of our everyday are exposed. I look at the work as a self-exploration
of the subconscious, where I try to physically create a state of mind.
Responding to Carl Jung?s idea of artists and alchemist?s
projecting part of their psyche into matter or inanimate objects,
possessing in a sense a ?secret soul?, the objects eventually live
out a life of their own.

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