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John H O'Donnell

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Dad: ?You know your body is going to be going through a lot of changes
pretty soon. Do you know what puberty is??
Me: ? Uh yeah, I guess.
Dad: ?What is it??
Me: ?Um, is it when you grow hair on your penis??
Dad: ?Well if you start growing hair on your penis then we will call
a veterinarian. Until then, I love you. Goodnight, see you in the
Me: ?Uh, okay, Goodnight.?


John O'Donnell was conceived on Halloween, born on his fathersbirthday, raised in Montana. He is
the founder of the TPSSF (The Puberty Survivors SupportForum) and theinventor of ?Installage? (installation + collage). He has exhibited at
the Chelsea Art Museum, the International Print Center in New York and the Seoul Museum of Art in Korea. His most recent exhibition was
"Salad Days: An Installage Celebrating Juvenescence" at the FLUX Space
in Philadelphia.