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Laura D Craft

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Laura Craft is a living and working artist in New York City. She received a BFA from Appalachian State University in 2002 and is a future Fall 2009 Masters of Art Education student at the City College of New York. Laura specializes in oil painting and pastel drawing and works on everything from traditional canvases to found objects such as wood and cardboard. Her work has been exhibited at Appalachian State University?s annual Art Expo, in group shows with NYC?s Antagonist Art Movement, and in two solo exhibits at Verlaine, located in Manhattan?s lower east side. Her most recent 2009 exhibit, Truer Stories #9, along with much of her work, is the creation of her own imagined dream world, portraying scenes from her own subconcious where things do not quite make sense. The viewer is invited into the painting to figure out the ?story? behind the work. The viewer thus becomes an important part of Laura?s paintings, filling in the tension between the figures and the surreal scenes that situate them with his or her own personal interpretation. The viewer?s interpretation becomes a vital part of the meaning of her work, just as important as the artist?s own story.