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Heather Dewey-Hagborg

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I want to be as surprised by my work as anyone else. The joy, for me, in creating is that the creation takes on a life of its own. It is born of my imagination, but the thought which is its inception is only the seed of a generative process.

I am not interested in creating commodities. I am interested in exploring the intersection between art and life, folding one into the other. My work is essentially embedded; its situation defines what it becomes as it both influences, and is influenced by its environment. It is, in this sense, as we are: of generative origin, simultaneously products and producers of place. The work comes to life as a dynamic, time based process. It develops through interdependence, evolving as a complex system in response to its surroundings.

As a scientific experiment is a conceptual investigation, this work is a conceptual exploration. Although certain principles and assumptions may be called into question, unlike a scientific experiment my work does not seek to prove or disprove anything. It exists as a constantly evolving process, not as a means to an end. When it ceases to change, it ceases to exist and simply passes away. Though it may prove useful as an investigatory tool, this is not its purpose. It has no purpose. The meaning it acquires will stem from its interaction with the human community. The direction it takes will be of its own choosing and derived from situation.