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Sydell Glasser

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In order to combine the raw expression of monotype and oil inks, pentemente of drawings, jagged outlines of collage, and the liquidity feeling of acrylic wash, I seek surfaces where I can manipulate images, push inks and scratch with charcoal. I need to feel my options are open.

My work is about the process, the push to lose conventionality, and seeing the figure in a new way: as a landscape, shroud, inside out. I refrain from considering any piece precious; they can all be wiped away, drawn over, made better by way of finding something new to add or take away.

Work brings a new view of the world. Highway overpasses become dry brush stokes, liquid washes form dripping lowlights on a figure, and a shadow becomes a collage piece between a horse and his barn. The story of a place or figure hides beyond its face value; it is here that we can find beauty, be it profound or simple.