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Rick Midler

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In my work I explore the often tucked-away human relationship between desire and fear. I comically play with the intuitive notion we all share? that we are all spiritually inter-connected with everything in our individual, made-up universes. In my paintings lie a quiet kind of chaos as wide-eyed characters stare earnestly at objects and objects stare back, trying desperately to connect with something honest.

I look at each painting as an animated film in one panel. By repeating shapes and patterns, I invite people to choose a path created by a line, a swarm of bees or a series of eyeballs. and follow a spiraling journey. During this ?trip? viewers are struck by the realization that everything is connected and has purpose. Once they step back from the canvas, they travel down multiple paths and recognize many ideas swirling in clever composition to tell one story.

The saturated palette is chosen for the energy the colors express. (A green raindrop, for example, evokes a different emotional response than a red or blue one.) It?s this vibrant use of color, energy and animation that makes these paintings shimmer and seem to have a rhythm, a pulse.

My influences, Salvador Dali, Walt Disney and Dr. Seuss, are embossed in my DNA and can be seen in everything I do. Much like the surrealists of Dali?s day and the inspiring contemporary artists who work within the ?Pop Surrealist? category, I use automatic drawing, improvisation and child-like fascinations while tapping into my unconscious mind to create my art. That?s where real emotions, passions and fears, usually hide ? behind clouds of ?reality.?

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