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Rebecca C Potts

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My impetus is ecological concern and interest in human-land interaction. I build images through accumulation of material: paper stacks up to become sculptural, photographs form videos, ice leaves waterlines, as if flood & drought had their way with the work. While I often employ experience in printmaking, my ideas & research inform my process. Thus my practice is non-media-specific crossing into sculpture, video, installation. I put my work through a cyclic process, turning it over to ice, plants, water, or an active audience to remove my hand and forfeit control. This process speaks to natural cycles of seasons & tides, while also reflecting a dynamic interaction of human and natural forces.
Rebecca Potts received her MFA in Visual Arts from Washington University in St. Louis and her BA in Geography & Studio Art from Middlebury College in Vermont. She studied printmaking, photography, wilderness issues, and Australian aboriginal art at the Univ. of Tasmania Centre for the Arts. Her work has been exhibited throughout the US and in Australia. In 2010, her essay on art & climate change, "Creating a Fourth Culture," was published in 20UNDER40: Re-Inventing the Arts and Arts Education for the 21st Century. She has also worked as an environmental community organizer in Camden NJ, helped start a public school in Brooklyn NY, and campaigned for clean energy in VT. She was Education Director at the Bronx River Art Center before joining Brooklyn Arts Council's staff as Arts in Education Coordinator.