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Irina Constantine Poulos

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Irina holds an MFA in Choreography & Performance from the New York University Tisch School of the Arts. In 2004 she brought into being the oXymoros Dance Theatre and co-founded the ANNEX group. Since then her work has been presented to d.u.m.b.o, Whitewave, Cool NY festivals for the past four years, Outside/ Input at the Ontological-Hysteric Theatre (Richard Foreman), Bessie Shoenberg Workshop (NYU), the Vortex Theater, Chashama's Oasis Festival, La MaMa for the New School of Education, Tisch School of the Arts-NYU for the Undergraduate Program of the Experimental Theater Department, the Target Margin Theater at the Kitchen and the Greek Cultural Center.

Irina is currently choreographing Odyssey to be presented at the 92Yl of New York City on November 27st, 2010. Subsequent to the completion of this performance she is committed to be part of further developing Choreo Theatro Center, the leading-edge company and space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, that she has founded. She is also presently developing her first full evening work, Philosophos.