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anna levikova

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My style is abstract, but the emotion and message behind my paintings are intended to be very detailed and only streaked or blurred with abstraction.

My love of painting began as a child in Moscow. Behind the undertones of cold quiet and white subzero temperatures, lies all the exuberance and excitement of city life.
Moving away from my family in Russia, to Africa as a young child also painted many of my experiences, and today I realize just how different and privileged of a childhood I had.

Today I am inspired by so many things. The years I have spent in America and specifically New York have been extremely formative to my current vision of the world. Still with the big city surroundings, I see so much beauty within a crowded, and populated urban existence. Living in New York I take just as much value in getting out of the city. After spending 9 summers in Montauk i continue to find inspiration in the light and the spirit of an east coast summer.

My latest works are inspired by Russia, where I spent most of the last year. Russian countryside, culture, religion, traditions and literature - that's what i am trying to explore in my work. Within my attempts stay connected to Moscow, I am inspired by the current contrast of an economy still struggling to fully emerge from the shambles of post cold war era, with tremendous potential for the future.