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Alex D White Mazzarella

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La Mazza, the paintings of Alex White-Mazzarella? . .

A reality constructed by the artist?s vision of our current age? a reality where common ingredients, history, humor, chance, iconography, social phenomenon and emotion are mixed and remixed to manifest and communicate the present. Zooming out of planet earth and back in with a different lens takes us to La Mazza.
From the Artist:

I create paintings in order to express and visualize states of minds that belong to my genes as well as the society that programs me. Working intuitively and physically through expression, and mentally through the construction of societal narratives, my paintings are intended to bridge instinctive and contextual realities. They are observations of the social systems that deliver us our individual destinations.

Going through life, I believe I am more than anything an observer? a student of the human on an individual and societal level where experience is my classroom and perspective my output. Sensitization allows for a bending and becoming of the place in which I exist. Consequently, my paintings are reflections of visions and sensations. Here in New York City this amounts to chaos, fluidity, optimism, deliria, absence, presence, and contradiction.

Recent New York Works; ?Remixing Media to Remix Reality?

My recent paintings are voyages through everyday observations in New York City. Their creation has come through an abandonment of ?decision making? and reliance upon transmission through instinct. I am using pastels, charcoal, acrylic, coffee, spray paint, enamel and collage to create through spontaneity.

?A universe of phenomenon spins, chaos, chemistry, creation. An ongoing evolution of moments. Infinite memory, inexistent, yet the foundation for every moment of light. Likewise we exist; minds churning souls searching, we interpret and create our moments? complicating, simplifying, questioning, confirming? all from an unknown source. The spontaneity of it all.?

?Big bang snapshots? glimpses into the unidentifiable source of creation via expression. An activation of the indigenous and subjugation of the conscious, remixing media and swimming through the metaphysical aquarium living and freezing realities.?

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