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Barbara J. Stork

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27 years experience in mold design for cast iron and aluminum consumer products. Ten years experience as a sculptor for fabrication shops, Atta Inc., Macy's Parade Studio and others. Sprinkle in some construction experience, after four years restoration for Grand Central Terminal. The whole time making fine art out of trash(recycling)or making watercolors, mostly landscape, in secret, because realism will never get you anywhere except making alot of watercolors for money. Earliest 8 years lucked out with intensive and excellent training in horseback riding. Launching out in English, not Western, saddlemaking for the past three years. Almost nobody makes an English saddle anymore. And I found out why. Could not have conceived of saddlemaking without doing all the other stuff first. Right now I repair, reconstruct and fit existing saddles, sometimes. I teach riding, sometimes. Design cast iron, sometimes. Depend on a part time day job so I don't feel any pressure to do any of it. Hope to find a way to make my own art saddles, starting with a custom molded tree (saddleframe). Used to show in galleries, now that seems very far away. Saddles make an art career look easy, so maybe I will revert back to the path of lesser resistance after all, and make those watercolors.