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Carla E Reyes

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I am a painter and mixed-media collage artist who creates low relief, sculptural paintings. I am interested in the process of art making as visceral experience; a ritualistic compulsion shared by humankind from its origins. My main sources of inspiration are the colors and textures of nature, indigenous works of art and decoration, and the interaction between natural and man-made surfaces. Through texture, abstract form, and image, I explore and allude to the fundamental elements and mysteries of nature and existence: impermanence, decay, regeneration, birth, growth, history, archeology and spirituality. I create representational as well as abstract images- visualizing a particular form or motif, but allow the creative process and chosen materials to dictate the end result. Some collage materials come from nature, like branches, leaves, and sand; while others - household items like packaging twine or crepe paper. I work on the floor on larger pieces; creating a more physical interaction with the work, and sometimes build my own handmade shaped canvas frames.