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Christy Walsh

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I seek to explicate intellectual and emotional content through movement and imagery. I am interested in philosophy, history, mathematics and systems of power. I try to make dry topics lively but this does not mean I don?t indulge in the occasional formal exercise, abstract tango or series of portraits of buildings. I am interested in greater perspective but sometimes, small details create a telling narrative. I am rigorous in my study but loose in my application. I defy genre without meaning to. I want to do everything at once but can only do one thing at a time.

As a choreographer, I will steal with impunity from almost any form of movement. It?s good to study, it?s good to know which rules you are breaking, but it is important that we keep moving this art form forward, by doing as all other art forms do, and drawing from all available influences. Globalization is upon us. There are stories to be told, systems of thinking to be understood, emotions to be expanded upon. Because these things are of humanity, they can be made physical. And whatever can be made physical can be performed for an audience or recorded as a photograph or a video to be shown again, perhaps in tandem with a new live performance.