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megan Canning

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My interest lies in the convergence and overlapping of the scientific and the metaphorical ? where the two inform one another and result in a deeper understanding of the human experience. I am interested in the relationship between inside and outside, and what takes place below the "threshold of awareness" - specifically in relationship to the human body and its internal systems, anatomy, organs and then its external form.

Hand sewing and traditional embroidery techniques have gradually become a key element in the work, for both visual and conceptual reasons. Sewing literally pierces the 'skin' of the work, and also becomes a metaphor for the body - the embroidery results in an orderly, clean surface and a messy, chaotic underbelly, just like the skin is a calm exterior that masks the complex inner workings of the human body.

Through my work, I am attempting to illuminate what is usually hidden beneath the surface ? the physical interior of our human bodies and the memories stored within.