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Wendy J Klemperer

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For years I have concentrated on outdoor sculpture in a variety of locations: sculpture parks, city streets, on the banks of (and even in) rivers. These installations respond to the natural or man-made features of the site; the sculptures are affected by and even completed by the surrounding environment. The imagery in my work stems from a lifelong fascination with animals. My childhood was filled with drawing, study, and fantasy as well as involvement with real animals. Through this study I developed a way to realize in three dimensions images that exist in my head. The materials I use retain a raw, rough-edged quality, presenting the image with tactile directness. To make the steel sculptures I search scrap yards for pieces that have been discarded and ravaged by life in the yard. Bent and twisted, such pieces contain energy and a potential new life. The sculptures are not ultimately about animals as anecdotes or records of an actual creature; they use the body language of animals to express an emotonal state. The driving force of the work is the dynamic line running throughout, conveying raw energy within a sinuous form.