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Jessica C Nicholas

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Blessed and truly highly favored! That sums it up. I am multi-disciplined within the arts and count them all as gifts from on High! A vocalist, Liturgical Dancer/Choreographer, lyricist, orator, fiction/non fiction writer, educator and aspiring Educational Leader are the areas that makes up portions of my purpose.
It is deemed as an honor and responsibility to first, be equipped and skilled in these areas and secondly, to share them with others throughout the growth process. Upon sharing, having the opportunity to educate in the performing and literary arts, mainly to youngsters; in order to trigger, highlight and expose the gifts and talents embedded within and in turn develop a sense of unique articulation is the passion that is at hand.
I have had the opportunity to minister in dance and as a vocalist throughout many churches and venues along the East coast. I also teach English Language Arts, vocal ensemble, and piano to elementary to high school students in the Department of Education and privately for the past twelve years. I am hence stepping out of the box and going to a broadened and higher level in arts education and am humbled the more about it all.