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Sindy Butz

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Sindy Butz is a Berlin based Visual and Performance Artist currently working and living in New York City. Her background is Fine Art, Art Science and Interactive Telecommunications.
As a multi- media artist and sculptress she likes to initiate discourses between scientists, fashion designers, technologist and artists to conceptualize new possible collaborations within the art; science and business world.
Sindy enjoys exploring her art concepts as research inquiries. She creates mainly ceramic objects surrounding the human body in Installations, Performances and Sculptures. Her main approach is the investigation of making sculptures become wearable art.
Her art works are pure; fragile; perfectionist; sometimes radical and questioning. They have the ability to engage the audience and give an invitation to reflect, dream and hope. They also encourage thinking profoundly about morals and ethics in modern society. Some works show a spark of Humor or Sarcasm. She tends to tell herČ fictional concepts and stories in a fairy tale like imagery.
Sindy received a 2009/2010 DAAD Grant (German Academic Exchange Service) on wearable ceramics; therefore she currently researches in ITP- Tisch School of the Arts, NYU with a Fashioning Technology and Assistive Technology focus.
She has displayed work in Germany, the Netherlands, America, Korea and Estonia. As a Performance artist she was on Tour with Non Grata, Diverse Universe Festival (2009) in Estonia; Tallinn and Berlin. She showed her performances in different venues such as the Korean Experimental Performance Festival -KEAF- in Seoul, South Korea (2008) and the Performance Congress Sacramento USA (2006) - SoToDo. Currently she is also active as Butoh Dancer in New York. Additionally she works in the field of Coaching through Art, Organizational Art and Assistive Technology. She has a background in Corporate Social Responsibility- CSR and Corporate Cultural Responsibility- CCR projects for better work environmentsand national as well as international social projects.