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Zak Vreeland

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B.A., Bard College, 2001

Group Exhibitions-
2001- Urban Etc. Queens, NY.
2004-5- No Gallery, Brooklyn, NY,
2010- Bushwreck, Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn, NY
2010- Bushwitch, Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn, NY
2011- High Times Church Show, Brooklyn, NY
2011- No Comment, Loft in the Red Zone, 23 Wall St., NY, NY
2012- It's a Small Small World, Family Business Gallery, NY, NY
2014- Second Family, 2 Rivington St., NY, NY
2014- Blokactivity, A People's History, Brooklyn, NY
2015- Family Ties, 500x Gallery, Dallas, TX
2015-Thanks for Letting Me Sit on You, Luncheonette, Brooklyn, NY
2015- Making History, Storefront Ten Eyck, Brooklyn, NY
2015- New Work City, Momenta, Brooklyn, NY
2015- Back to Columbia, Grace Space, Brooklyn, NY
2015- Collect Effect, Gallery Petite, Brooklyn, NY
2016- Rare Form Space, Brooklyn, NY
2016- Lorimoto Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2016- Nomencolorature, Studio 10, Brooklyn, NY
2018- Camp Fire Benefit, Luncheonette, Brooklyn, NY
2019-This One Specific Life, Gallery Petite, Brooklyn, NY
2019- Impeach Death, Petite Versailles, NY, NY
2019- Let’s Play Art, Living Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2019- Re-Mission, Gallery Petite, Brooklyn, NY

2010-Raphael Soyer: Studio Life, Renee and Chaim Gross Center for the Arts, NY, NY
2010- Fantasy: Chaim Gross Drawings(with Susan Fisher), Renee and Chaim Gross Center for the Arts, NY
2011- Displayed: Stages for Sculpture, Renee and Chaim Gross Center for the Arts, NY, NY
2012- Skeffington House, Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn, NY
2015- Virgo Hardware, S & P Art Center, Brooklyn, NY

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