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Ellie Irons

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I make paintings, drawings and environmental sculptures that explore the
ecological continuum between humanity and nature. Although I?ve made art
since I was a child, for some time I truly thought I would be a scientist.
When I was twenty one, I spent 6 weeks studying biodiversity in a remote
part of Costa Rica. I was fascinated by my field work, but I began to
understand that rather than making a report full of charts and graphs,
what I really wanted was to express my passion for science and nature
through art. Since then, I have been turning this realization into a
coherent approach to art making. In combining a naturalist's attention to
detail and an artist's license to translate and recontextualize those
details, I find fertile ground for artistic expression.

In my current practice, I actively engage my immediate environment in an
attempt to relocate the viewing public and re-imagine the surrounding
landscape. Whether my subject is a suburban wasteland or the wildest of
forests, I seek out structures that tie that place to larger ecological
patterns, and highlight those connections for viewers in dynamic and
unexpected ways. While I base my research on ecology and observation, my
work is infused with a need to celebrate the unknowable aspects of nature
and our place within it.