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Simone Elizabeth Ver Eecke

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As a devoted painter my work has been mainly influenced by the Surrealist and Abstract Expressionist movements. With that in mind, my goal is to disregard traditional painting techniques and invite more creative and non-conventional ideas to my compositions and processes.

My work is anti-figurative and colorful with a large emphasis on the interplay of forces, bold brushstrokes, texture and movement. My more recent work, {re}ply and {re}birth, are taking on more vibrant colors, as well as mixed media, specifically foil and origami paper. With this wide array of materials, colors and textures, I am able to create layers upon layers with the hope that each one will incite the viewer to look further into the piece disassembling as well as assembling each force and counter force.

My other goal is to stress the value of chance through the incorporation of automatism.

The surrealist artists Max Ernst once said, ?All good ideas arrive by chance.? Taking his advice, I am constantly looking for new ways to create compositions with the intention to have no intention. This ideology allows for limitless possibilities but at the same time creates a complicated distance between myself and the medium. I have created work by painting blindfolded, rolling dice, throwing necklaces, shooting rifles, exploding water balloons, tracing animal movements, and spilling paint. As my work evolves so has the presence of chance. In my later works I have used chance to initiate the composition, i.e. spilling paint blindfolded, and then once the blind fold is removed I use my artistic training/bias to develop the work aesthetically.

As a photographer I am very interested in the fine art genre, as opposed to the commercial genre. I enjoy capturing a variety of subjects, such as people, places, animals, food, and long exposures of light. Nonetheless, I have studied alongside commercial photographers and have gained a strong understanding and appreciation for atmospheric creation and crisp retouched compositions.

I am currently working on a new and exciting project. My goal is to take the Abstract Expressionist movement to the twenty first century. To do this I have studied the way that we express ourselves today via Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, blogs, and other internet based social media sites. I took the images and texts that I found from their virtual homes and collaged together on Masonite Board to create contemporary brush strokes, and ultimately a contemporary Abstract Expressionist painting.