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Gian van Grunsven

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gian is a Dutch improvisation performer and teaching artist, with a Master-degree in Dramaturgy and specialized in participatory and Improvisation Theater. She has been teaching drama to kids and youth from inner-city neighborhoods in the Netherlands over the last six years. Besides her teaching and own performing practices gian creates and hosts encounters between people from various backgrounds in talk shows, at festivals and through workshops.

gian truly believes that the practice of Improvisation Theater can encourage people to improve their life, and society as a whole, in a playful and active manner.
Improvisation Theater means stepping on stage without a script. It seems scary, but when you learn to trust on yourself and your scene partners it is very releasing, enriching and a lot of fun! As so, her educational curriculum is not only designed to teach various performance skills, but especially to gain self-confidence, to learn trusting your impulses and the moment and to create a supportive environment.

gian's belief in the improvisation philosophy does not stay in the classroom but a way of life. Life becomes an inspirational piece of art itself!