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Cristina Jasen

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SAWTOOTH is a NYC movement company that strives for a world that is spiritually raw and psychologically ambiguous.

Since its inception, SAWTOOTH has employed dark humor and quirky characters as a means of straddling a cheeky reality and a grotesque, hypnotic dream world—and uncovering a more nuanced depiction of what it means to be vulnerable, dependent, unwell or in danger.

SAWTOOTH's movement style is much like its name: sharp, dark and full of sudden drops and nasty spills. SAWTOOTH explores an expansive range of possibility within a confining, jagged trajectory, and reveals layers of unanticipated depth in relationships and rich psychological dispositions within the group.

The company has taken an activist approach to dance making, and using the body as an artistic medium: SAWTOOTH wants to be part of an unmedicalized dialogue with the body, and takes the stance that there is meaning--perhaps more meaning--in the present state of the body than in our deepest philosophical convictions.

The company hopes to instill in the audience a sense that the body has an endless capacity for honesty, creativity, resiliency and transformation--and help widen our often limited notions of health, strength, safety and love.