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Robert T Edwards

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The Dark Crooner (Robert Edwards)?composer, arranger, lyricist, and vocalist?has but one desire: to create stunningly beautiful music.

With the raw power of his bass/baritone voice, this prodigal son of a southern ?preacher-man? will command you into the shadows and compel you to acknowledge, confess, and surrender to your passions. His compositions and lyrics, distilled from an eclectic mix of classical, gospel, and pop influences, might best be described as nonconformist, visually evocative, and intoxicating. Quite simply, his sound is probably unlike anything you?ve heard before.

With his current project, which includes his demo tracks ?The AstrId? and ?The Cord,? he is plumbing the depths of our souls to capture the pain, healing, and transformations that occur as we continually bury and rebuild upon our emotional ruins. The introverted nature of his lyrics suggests that he?s been eavesdropping on our innermost conversations, and when experiencing his music, you should be prepared to meet the libertine, the hermit, the heretic, and the narcissist lurking inside of you!

To perfect this artistic vision, he aims to combine his introspective brand of music with innovative ambient, IDM, minimalist, and deep bass techniques. He is currently seeking a writing/composing/arranging/production partner to follow in the footsteps of leading edge electronic duos like Telefon Tel Aviv, Lamb, Beady Belle, and Goldfrapp.