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clara + tusia // vvitalny

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vvitalny, or, vih-TAHL-neuh (in Polish witalny is vital).

vvitalny looks to time-based art to share stories about love, language and transnationality.

We are a Brooklyn-based duo with ties to Poland, Argentina and the United States. “vvitalny” is an excuse for us to collaborate with artists and activists we admire. vvitalny formally came together in April 2010 with the guidance of NYU Professor and Critical Art Ensemble-founding member Steven Kurtz.

Most recently, our work has been featured in: Cologne OFFX (in Cologne, Germany with additional screenings in Tel Aviv, Israel), Bideodromo (Bilbao), Brooklyn Fireproof (Brooklyn), Death Panel Press Salon (Cage Gallery, NYC), Moviehouse (3rd Ward, Brooklyn), Odblokuj (in partnership with the Center for Architecture, Warsaw), Brooklyn Artist Gym (Brooklyn), Sen Pszczoly (Warsaw), McCarren Park (Brooklyn), Nizio Gallery (Warsaw, Poland), SITE Festival (Brooklyn).

vvitalny is the evolving project of Tusia Dabrowska + Clara Inés Schuhmacher.