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Wayne R Winston

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Mr. Wayne Winston has been working with children since 1983. Mr. Winston, a Brooklyn resident grew up educated in the NYC public school system, and continues to work in education and art.

Mr. Winston works with inner-city youth, and in 1983, founded Non-Stop Production. He began teaching photography, art, and journalism for after-school programs in 1983, and through his talents, started NSP as a promoter and artist. Through NSP, he works with children, teens, and young adults as head manager for models, actors, singers, dancers, and young artists.

Some of his accomplishments include being the co-founder of A.R.A.S. Record label, where he has several recordings under the label. He has performed throughout the country, in the field of rap, hip hop, gospel, and jazz music. He has worked with artists including Wu-Tang Clan, DJ Red Alert, Positive K, Doug Harris, Roland Alexander, and the Power Posse. Among many of his artistic abilities, Mr. Winston is a computer technician, freelance photographer, television producer, and has worked on stage productions, painting and designing murals for stage programs. Starting his production company, Non-Stop Production, Wayne committed to a life of giving young people opportunities to express their talent through artist management and stage productions. Most notably, as a D.J., many don’t know that he is one of the founding producers that organized many underground parties that launched the career of local hip hop artist, Notorious B.I.G aka Biggie Smalls.

His additional commitment to the youth includes spending time speaking, and working with youth on developing youth leadership skills, speaking at public youth events, planning youth programs for recreational purposes, and consultant to young artists.

With over 36 years in photography, art and music, today Mr. Winston continues his work, as an activist, artist and educator. Now known-world-wide, in 2012, he released his official album and CD, “Back To The Hip Hop” and continue to tour throughout the city. In 2012, D.J. Ace was honored as a hip hop legend by the Universal Hip Hop Parade, which he also served as Grand Marshall; and in 2016, he received the “Humanitarian International” Award from the Christians in Business in Harlem. He is currently preparing new music for the 2020 release of his new album, “Make The Next Move”, and in 2018, published his first book, "That One Moment". He's in the process of completing two additional books, currently working on “Hip Hop History” (Volume 2 – The Brooklyn Bridge), where he share his photography, experiences, and thoughts with stories and history about his work in the hip-hop scene.

Today, Mr. Winston continues his work through N.S.P. Youth, now over 30 years working at Middle School 113, currently the school secretary and admissions coordinator; a consultant to several community based organizations abroad; former youth director for the Central Brooklyn Jazz Festival. He also serves as educational director for Educated Voices of Hip Hop, providing workshops on the music business, DJ classes and supplemental programs for youth/young adults.