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Piruz Partow

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I play upright and electrical bass. I play jazz, classical, rock, funk, R&B, bluegrass, and world music on a regular basis. I also play the Persian Tar, guitar, violin, and piano. I love to play, teach, support, and listen to music!

Love and Music seem to have such a connection to me. I live every day as an artist dedicated in combining and sharing these two with and for as many people as I can. Everything I do is either for or with music. Going to the bank, brushing my teeth, or even talking on the phone all seem to have melody, harmony and rhythm to me. I try to incorporate this transcending aspect of music by making music accessible. As I am grateful for being able to make music on a daily basis, I work very hard. I have been enchanted with so many different musical styles and settings that I find myself as an artist being quite versatile in a number of musical settings.