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Elisa Andrea Montesinos

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I like to cultivate "in between" genres such as travelogues, chronicles, and testimonials. While traveling between Chile, Mexico and New York, I wrote a travel journal that became my first novel. Traveling was in fact an excuse to write. I didn?t have anything to tell but my own experience and the stories of the people I met along the route, which without knowing helped me to write Standby. Since my book was written while walking around streets, crossing bridges, borders and neighborhoods, I decided to bring it back to the public space by performing an art action in Northern Manhattan last June, and another one in Mexico City last September. I posted the pages of my book over street walls so that the passers-by could read as they walked along. During a workshop at the Center for the Book Arts last summer I realized that I was always trying to push writing beyond printed letter. That was the idea behind eL Paper, a fanzine of arts and creative writing with a handmade aesthetic that I began to develop and edit two years ago. At the moment I am also working in designing Standby as an object book using cheap and recyclable materials ?like the Cartoneras in Argentina-, creating a dialogue between text and images. I would like that the readers could open the book and feel like I told them a secret.

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