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Maggie Bard

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Maggie Bard’s work frustrates the traditional divide between the multiplicity of the print and the singularity of the canvas. Starting with lithographic and silkscreen bases she embellishes her intricately lined, usually human figures with additional elements of collage, painting, and other techniques. Her stylized images of the human figure combine the loose biomorphism of artists like Gerhard Richter and Francis Bacon with the more rigorous line of Kalinga tattoos, quilts and other textiles, and the street artist SWOON. Indeed, if anything unites the various practices in her oeuvre it is her desire to render her subjects in distinctly linear fashion.
Bard’s sometimes grotesque rendering of the human figure is often undercut, however, by her sly and playful use of textual elements in her work. Words often dance around her figures, partially ironizing what might otherwise be seen purely as images of angst and human suffering. Her palette is restrained, incorporating a few flashes of color with a more standard array of black, white, beige, and brown. This muted palette suits the more mundane, but ultimately perhaps more meaningful, realm of everyday experience and human society with which she now concerns herself.

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