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Jeffrey V Perry

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I am a poetry writer/poet. Most of my words are expressions of an inspired love. I began writing at about age seven, so, writing poetry is all I know. I learned about poets like Dunbar and Hughes very early in my life, when I became hooked. I have been in the background of a lot of things that I care not to mention, but now I have self-published seven, and counting, books of mainly Black-male poetry. I still feel that poetry is a written media that remains important to our culture, although we are seldom given any credit for our true expressions. So we must self-do and self-style to create our own voices. I am self-inspire through my link to my grandfather who had to deal with owning his self-respect to his verses, because no one would accept a Black poet from North Carolina, during the 1940's and 1950's or understand why he was being who he was. Poetry is a calling just like the great musicians these communities have produced. So goes my family line and the fight to do the will of the Ultimate Creator.


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