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Yvan Greenberg

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Laboratory Theater is a Brooklyn-based experimental theater ensemble dedicated to collaborating on the creation of original, interdisciplinary work for theater/dance/media.

Each member of Laboratory Theater is an active participant in the creative process. This allows for an in-depth and organic working process through which the personalities and histories of the performers influence the choreography and structure of the piece. Under the leadership of director/choreographer Yvan Greenberg, the ensemble creates multi-layered pieces in which original material and pre-existing source material, (multiple sound scores, choreography, text, improvisation, and imitation) are juxtaposed with fragments of pop culture, social history, and events in the life of the ensemble.

Laboratory Theater's non-didactic but deeply political aesthetic challenges traditional methods of process and performance and encourages audiences to think creatively and critically about life and art. The simultaneous incorporation and subversion of the conventions of naturalism, the complex interaction of formal and random structures, and the sometimes direct/sometimes distorted references to current events serve to create a "theater reality" that incorporates life but does not represent it.